#1227: A Civic Divorce

Jul 07, 2012
This week on Car Talk, after three crashes, nine vandalizations, and one, "Ah, never mind" theft, Ellen has decided to part ways with her Honda Civic. Does she need to disclose its troubled past to prospective buyers? Elsewhere, Glenn loves his CRX, but his friends are telling him the car is scaring away potential dates. Does he need new wheels, or maybe just a new wardrobe? Also, Greg's Jetta begins shedding hair; Alicia decides that four years is long enough to ignore a flashing Check Engine light, and, after an unfortunate spider incident causes Gina to ditch her car in Lake Minnetonka, she wants to know if "Totaled" really does mean totaled. All this, and lots more, this week, on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Can Tom and Ray's advice be too good?

This Week's Puzzler

What simple adjustment got Wade and his wife back on the road, late that stormy night?

Last Week's Puzzler

How many pilgrims need to start out at Casablanca for one to make it to Marrakesh?

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Car Karma hit me too

I had to laugh listening to the Civic story. I had a Taurus in high school and it hated me. We were both Taurus' and that might have been the problem. It had several alternators, the teeth on the gears were literally stripped off at one point. I finally gave up and the car went to my older brother. While he too is a Taurus, he's more on the cusp of being a Gemini than I am, and he had NO problems with the car. It was a dream and lasted several more years for him.
Favorite Moment: 
I loved when Ellen was told to dress like a hippy to sell the car.

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