#1225: Do One To Others

Jun 23, 2012
This week on Car Talk, kids give the "Golden Rule" and a few other maxims an innocent (yet funny) twist. Then it's off to Arizona where Lily's Taurus is making a noise that she hopes will lead her husband to make another noise-- namely, "Let's buy you a new Mustang." But all is not well in Mustang-land for Martin--his is emitting blue smoke, so his wallet may be emitting a large boat payment. Meanwhile, out in Washington, Amanda's marriage is only a few days away, but if she and her fiance can't figure out what to do with their four cars, the divorce may not be far behind. Also, a hand-me-down Accord develops a distaste for Reverse; a DIY CV joint replacement turns into a demolition project; and, can a few strategically placed magnets prolong Peter's engine life? All this and lots more, this week, on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

A few maxims, misinterpreted.

This Week's Puzzler

How did Richard know his mug of coffee hasn't been replaced with a fresh cup, as he had asked?

Last Week's Puzzler

How could the exhaust system be affecting the brakes on the vacationing school teacher's car?

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Minor nitpick

The first caller, if she was named after the 1930s actress, spells her name Lilli, not Lily. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0658339/
Favorite Moment: 
The whole show, of course!!!!!

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