#1223: Emboldened Electrons

Jun 09, 2012
This week on Car Talk, David's Dodge is having trouble starting, unless he turns the key and counts to 10. Can his problems be solved by a Few Brave Electrons and a broom handle? Meanwhile, Barbara is about to leave her accounting job and head off on a six-month road trip, and wants to do it in the least fiscally prudent vehicle possible--a VW Camper Van. Her biggest problem may be grabbing one before Tommy does. Also, Rachel in Minnesota had a very bad windshield wiper day--one blade stopped moving, and the other flew off the car; Carly in Oakland has a Civic that's been been violently shaking for three years, and she's finally ready to address the problem; and is Kara's car doomed after she went to her local gas station and filled up-- on water? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Brace yourself for a couple of classic groaners!

This Week's Puzzler

What proof positive did the cop see, that told him the car had been driven while the driver said he had been laid up?

Last Week's Puzzler

"The (blank) doctor was (blank) (blank) to operate, because she had (blank) (blank)." Can you fill in the blanks with a few hints?

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Great as usual!

I love the show. I did locate s discrepancy though. I believe Karen called on her Cavalier battery acid and the bros said only GM used side post batteries. Dodge oneuped this terribke innovation by using the same batteries but literally placing it behind the bumper behind the front left wheel.
Favorite Moment: 
The three legged goat that urinated in the jeep.

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