#1213: Ashes to Asphalt

Mar 31, 2012
This week's Car Talk kicks off with an Auto-Spiritual conundrum: Can Sanjay have his cremated ashes poured into his car's gas tank, without doing damage? Then it's off to Somerville, MA, where Rebecca's got a squeaking clutch, and Tommy's having a TMI moment from his childhood. Also, Will's secret mid-life crisis Porsche purchase may be a little harder to keep quiet, now that it needs a new transmission; Whitney's got a husband determined not to fill up his gas tank until he's down to the last drop; and Josh may need help from late night TV to get dried concrete off his Corolla. All this, plus the Puzzler welcomes the return of baseball season, and lots more, this week, on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Ashes to Asphalt: Sanjay's farewell wish to have his ashes poured into his car's gas tank.

This Week's Puzzler

How did Lefty win the game and collect his bonus, without throwing a single pitch?

Last Week's Puzzler

How did Tommy know what day of the week Christmas Day would be?

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