#1203: Snakes in the Fusion

Jan 21, 2012
This week on Car Talk, Josh let a boa constrictor get loose in his wife's Fusion. In the ensuing snake hunt, he removed just about every bit of the car's interior. Now, after putting it all back together, he's got a few pieces left over. Will a few missing parts make such a big difference? Elsewhere, Larry's got a minor problem with a sticky throttle, but may be in more trouble over his choice of an engagement ring; and, Deb's so worried about her Camry's jingling sound that she's waited a full year to tell anyone about it. Also, Molly's having a tough time teaching her daughter to drive after a garage mishap, but is Molly's daughter the problem or is it Molly? And, it's a happy day for Tommy: The venerable Dodge Dart is back! All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

The Dodge Dart Returns!

This Week's Puzzler

4, 6, 12, 18, 30, 42, 60... and then what? Hmm?

Last Week's Puzzler

Bobo had to visit all 48 contiguous states. He could visit each state in whatever order he chose, but he could visit it only once. Where did he finish?


Bench Seat Cover Dilemma

I was surprised to hear that our Tappet Bros. did not recall a favorite practice in the 60's: using a fitted bedsheet over the bench seat. Admittedly, with seat belts, you had to cut slits for the clips to poke through, and if you didn't know anyone with a good sewing machine, those slits were doomed to grow bigger. My wife notes, though, that today's new micro-plush sheets would make a really comfy bench seat cover, and with a good, wide zig-zag stitch, the slits would be quite stable if positioned properly (you pull the whole sheet over, center, then mark by feeling through to the clips).
Favorite Moment: 
The Rambler ramble.

Advice for parents of new drivers

Take new drivers to the local gravel pits or cemetery (on the 'street' parts) to practice, typically you can make it similar to an obstacle course, without much danger of running into things!
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78 is the answer!
Favorite Moment: 
Black widow story

Fun (?) fact about Neenah, Wisconsin

The guys had never heard of one caller's home town, Neenah, Wisconsin before. Here in Indiana, we've heard of it, because every manhole cover you see says "Neenah Foundry." One rock band even used that as their name. I just hope they're still in operation, and we still make SOMETHING here in the U.S.
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Another possibility for Sarah-exhaust leak...

Because the smell is only after about a 1/2 hours running and in the cold weather I wonder if the heater core could have a leak, inside the car or under the hood. Antifreeze smells pungent.
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