#1146: The Model A Prius

Nov 12, 2011
This week on Car Talk, Patrick in Alaska loves his Prius' gas mileage, but thinks the car could look cooler--say, if its engine was in the body of a Model A Ford. Is it a worthwhile project, or one destined for the Hall of Fame of Bad Ideas? Meanwhile, Nicole is wondering why her Dad's balking at her plan to take a road trip in a 2009 Subaru--especially since the old man recently drove across the country in a '37 Chevy. Elsewhere, Diana's looking for a car with just a few requirements: safety, reliability, good gas mileage, room for her to sleep, crappy looks, a microwave oven-- okay, strike that last item. Also, a braking strategy that's guaranteed to make nobody ride with you; a few really bad car slogans; and a new Puzzler from the African Rainforest series. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Car slogans worse than "Yaris: It's a car!"

This Week's Puzzler

How did the stranger fix the Nissan without any tools and no knowledge of cars?

Last Week's Puzzler

How can five rows of four trees each equal 10 trees?

As Read on Car Talk


Electric Model A

You dopes. You missed the opportunity to remind the caller that many early cars were electrics. They can search and find a lot of options. If that fails, check out Neil Young's hybrid 1959 Continental Convertible at www.lincvolt.com.
Favorite Moment: 

Dylan's car problem last week...

I think you are wrong about the problem with Dylan's car. I think her portion valve is failing. Mine did that for several months before it failed...and it has been like that for three years. I haven't fixed it yet, but it behaves like that every time I refill the tank.
Favorite Moment: 

Great Show

As usual, loved the show.
Favorite Moment: 
Hard to pick.

Prius Call

I can't believe a listener actually wanted to put a Prius engine in a Model A. I'd actually love to drive that car!
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