#1144: A Road Trip from Hell

Oct 29, 2011
This week on Car Talk, could anything possibly go wrong when you take a cross-country road trip with your beloved fiance and dear old mom? Well, meet Charity - and let's just say that car trouble was the least of her problems! Then, it's off to Oregon, where Jackie is wondering if her bra can withstand the car wash (shrinkage, anyone?!). Meanwhile, Tami's neighbors are wondering if her Buick has gas... and we're not talking 93 octane, if you catch our drift. And in Minnesota, Peter wants to know how to lure a hamster out of his wife's Acura. Maybe a four-course meal? All that, plus a new puzzler from Ray's Ceiling Lights Series, on this week's electrifying hour of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

One listener's suggestion for a small, long-overdue change to the "Check Engine" light.

This Week's Puzzler

Welcome to the Hall of 20,000 Lights. Can you figure out which ones will be on, after a few people pass through?

Last Week's Puzzler

How does the farmer use four stone pieces to weigh his crops?

As Read on Car Talk


Questionable "weather station" interference

You have probably been shut down by all the FAA messages coming in on what the "weather balloon' that was a problem to a lady's car problem. These are OMNI stations located across the nation providing a radio signal indicating a specific location. Pilots of small aircraft navigate by coordinating between these signals thus avoiding commercial traffic. My ex was a fine pilot and I was the navigator, so I know about these very useful devises. Cannot remember what the letters stand for, but something like: Overland Mapping Navigational Indicator. whatever....Hop this "straw" did not collapse your backs....I love your show too much! Rock on.
Favorite Moment: 
any time the two of you laugh...makes my day!

Really bad, more dangerous advice than usual!

Your answer to the question about leaving a car's accessories on while filling the tank, was way off! The reason they have you turn everything off, is because of the potential for an electrical spark. It has nothing to do with radio waves!!! It's even more dangerous if you turned everything off, then turn something back on! That's also why they tell you not to open the car door again while filling up (hence eliminating the dome light issue). Also, as both my wife and I can attest to :-), turning off the engine isn't because of fear of driving off with the hose still in your tank, because when you do that, every modern pump within the last 20 years, has a quick release valve that lets the hose separate from the pump and doesn't allow the fuel to spill out. It works wonders!
Favorite Moment: 

Hamster Help

The best way to get the hamster out is to get a no kill mouse/rat trap that you can release the little rodent from and put some sunflower seeds, millet seeds, and/or dried corn kernels. Then you will have the hamster safely out of the instrument panel.
Favorite Moment: 

Hamster Remedy

To capture the hamster hiding in the dash, use a sticky device found at a hardware store. This little rectangle has a layer of extremely sticky stuff that a rodent cannot get off of. Place a piece of food on the sticky stuff and place on floor. The next morning you will have captured the rodent.
Favorite Moment: 

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