#1141: The Pot-Mobile

Oct 08, 2011
This week on Car Talk, Stephen is riding high - unwittingly so. He got new engine mounts in his Mercury, and now the car reeks of marijuana. Did his mechanic leave a little bag under the hood? Elsewhere, 11-year-old Hannah's dad is having a jolly good time blowing his car horn at her. Is she seeking mechanical advice from Tom and Ray on, say, how to disconnect the horn? No, she wants a prank to get even with dear old Dad. Also, our Physicist on call weighs in on the great bird poop-cracked windshield debate; Ray reveals his love for Fiat's new arrival on our shores; and proof that listening to Car Talk is great training for a career... in interior decorating. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a letter from Sophie, a high-schooler who applied the knowledge learned from Car Talk - and flunked.

This Week's Puzzler

Is this letter really from President McKinley?

Last Week's Puzzler

Where do you place two lines on a clock face to create segments that have the same sums?

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Lisa - Emmy Nominee

You absolutely MUST call Lisa back in a couple months on Stump the Chumps to find out how your tat suggestion unfolded. That call was incredible. My dad laughed so hard, he fell and chipped a tooth.
Favorite Moment: 
Imagining Lisa's brain spinning for next 48 hrs at least; no sleep.

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