#1140: Latent Junkman Syndrome

Oct 01, 2011
This week on Car Talk, Joe's brother-in-law collects heaps. Unfortunately he deposits them in other people's yards - like Joe's, for instance. Now Joe's got an '83 Civic sprouting weeds out of the headliner. Can Tom and Ray help Joe cure a bad case of Latent Junkman Syndrome? Meanwhile, Kristy's husband has developed a warm relationship with their mechanic, which is all well and good, except that said mechanic has charged them $600, and their Stanza still won't start. Also, a bad day gets worse for Matt in L.A., when his Volvo falls off a tow truck, and his insurance company tries to convince him it's actually not totaled. And, is the Supreme Court using Car Talk methodology? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Could it be that the Supreme Court and Car Talk actually have something in common? Well...

This Week's Puzzler

Can you divide time the way Ray wants it divided?

Last Week's Puzzler

What was wrong with the temperature sign, and how cold was it on Charlie's drive home?

As Read on Car Talk


Useful BS Sniff Test demonstrated by you

I noticed something listening to you guys. It came to me as you advised the guy whose bro in law left a car in his yard--that he was renting from that same bro in law. And what I noticed is that when you guys know what you're talking about--like why a transmission is going "wollygollywollygolly", you take turns talking, often with a moderate, deliberate pace. BUT! When you are in over your heads, as in intra-family dynamics, you talk over each other, very fast and both of you loud and manic. NOW!! I am going to take that into my future as a BS Sniff Test when I hear others talk like you guys do! E.g., it seems like Republicans talk like that in debates.
Favorite Moment: 
"He just wants a memento. Tear off a side view mirror for him to keep and junk the rest of the car."

Quakers drive cars!

I winced on Saturday when you lumped Quakers and the Amish in one thought but when I was driving my car on Sunday and heard the repeat of the show I thought I would comment. Yes, Quakers drive cars, listen to the radio, have access to the Internet! We even dress to the century in which we live. My guess is that you know this and merely linked us in a sentence because Joe was from PA. But lots of people don't know and such casual references often cement misinformation in other people's minds. My mother-in-law early on had to be disabused of the idea that I must wear gray to Meeting for Worship. Quakers walk all around you and you would never know it! Just a friendly (pun) note. Love the show!
Favorite Moment: 

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