#1139: Wake Up, Kevin!

Sep 24, 2011
This week, we proudly introduce a sure-fire cure for Car Talk-induced narcolepsy. Did we make the show more engaging and compelling? Sorry, we're not miracle workers. Meanwhile, in matters automotive, Mike is baffled by his Chevy's ability to suck a shirt in through its exhaust, and even more baffled by Tom and Ray's attempts to explain it. Also, Tamara's wondering if it's time to bid farewell to her beloved Vanagon for something a bit less barbaric; Marc wants to know if late night TV really can improve his gas mileage; and on Stump the Chumps, did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose Becka's cough and sputter? All this, plus a new Puzzler from the Fahrenheit-Celsius series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How is the Celsius temperature display confusing our poor driver?

Last Week's Puzzler

What's unusual about this number sequence?

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alarm clock genius

Nice job instituting the alarm before each section of the show...it keeps us all awake!
Favorite Moment: 
each time the guys laughed...love the laughs...very contagious. I do yardwork while listening each week...helps with the drudgery


I am an infant in the fanclub, but I have been hearing the show for at least 6 months now. In this world of immediate gratification,when you watch/hear as Marlon Brandio said "I want what I want whwn I want" anything at the time you want it. When I get to hear a Car Talk, which makes me wait for the Sunday morning, is absolutely truly amazing. Keep up the amazing work.
Favorite Moment: 

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