#1133: The Nina Totenburger

Aug 13, 2011
This week on Car Talk, a million dollar idea from one of our listeners: an NPR-themed restaurant. The only problem is, the menu is a bit limited--to two items. In matters automotive, Renee in New York got two nasty surprises recently. Her Acura wouldn't start, and when she opened the hood, she was greeted by the leftovers from an engine picnic, including chicken bones, coldcuts, and a bag of Doritos. Meanwhile, Fran's got a brilliant idea for changing his oil and killing his engine at the same time, and Foreign Service Officer Joan is wondering how many trunks of spare car parts she needs to bring to her next assignment in Madagascar. Also, how to get revenge on a soon to be ex-husband who's planted a GPS unit in your car. All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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Tommy's wife, Joanne, offers up a response to a letter she received from a certain clothing shop.

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Fran's plan

Running a Subaru or any other horizontally-opposed engine low on oil is extra stupid. Unless you want your engine to swallow exhaust valves. I've seen the results and the doctor says I'll be ready to go home soon.
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Car Stalking

I was most interested in Myrna's question about finding a possible GPS device put on her car by her soon-to-be-ex-husband. I'm glad she felt secure enough about her safety to be light-hearted about this guy's possible stalking behavior, but many other women whose partners are putting GPS devices on their cars may not be able to take it so casually. As a self-defense teacher, I regularly have students who've been stalked, and it's usually a harrowing experience. I'd like your listeners to know that if they believe that their car is being tracked via GPS, they may want to contact their local domestic violence hotline for advice, especially if their stalker has a history of threatening or committing violence.
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