#1131: Love and Rust Spots

Jul 30, 2011
This week's Car Talk kicks off with a cautionary tale of what not to say the first time your girlfriend tells you she loves you. Elsewhere in Relationship Land, Jackie's racking up huge chiropractor bills thanks to her boyfriend's starting method, and Lori's trying to learn how to drive the ancient trucks her boyfriend's taken to collecting. Also, a good dope slap gets an alternator to behave; shop rags become uninvited and unwelcome guests in Joel's transmission; and a wonderful evening of hood dancing takes its toll on a 200-dollar Chevy Nova. All this, plus a used car ad sets a new high for truth in advertising, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a letter about love... and rust spots.

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No new puzzler this week-- the puzzler is on summer vacation

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No puzzler answer this week-- the puzzler is on summer vacation.

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hey watch this

I love to listen to your show. I laugh a lot and learn a little about cars. But, I did not like the hey watch this part. It's not funny to hear stories of people who die.
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Show Review - 1697

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comments on battery efficiency

This past Saturday, you told a caller that having the a/c and other accessories did not make any difference in the care of the car. several years ago, you told your listeners that it helped the battery if the a/c was off when starting as it did not pull as hard on the battery. What has changed?
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