#1113: Slugging Etiquette

Mar 26, 2011
This week on Car Talk, Dave's daily commute depends on the kindness of strangers, who often deserve dope-slaps. How close to "life in jeopardy" does he need to be before winding up to deliver? Meanwhile, Mike in Utica can't tell whether his mechanic's a genius or a quack, so he's turning to two guys who just might be a little of each; Wendy's worried that the curious behavior of her fiance's clutch will cause her future father-in-law to think she's a ditz; and, we have scientific evidence that one Magliozzi may be smarter than the other--or should we say, less stupid? All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Why older siblings are smarter-- Tom and Ray share some recent research findings.

This Week's Puzzler

This week: Ray shares the creepy case of the haunted car. Can you figure out what's going on with this old truck's headlights?

Last Week's Puzzler

Did you figure out the two inventions from long ago that do the same thing but couldn't be built more differently? Find out.

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When is tha last time you saw your eye doctor???

Just a quick note. I was just listening to Cindy's segment asking a question about her mom's nurse's bad driving. I got home when you were suggesting a Odyssey, but wasn't willing to have a driveway moment for you guys. Sound to me like the nurse needs to have her eye sight checked. As you guys likely know such things sneak up on you pretty slowly. By the time I went in for a check, I wasn't a legal driver. I enjoy the show, though occasionally you guys do miss badly a regional issue. A good friend of mine actually takes her car to the garage, and assures me that her car is well maintained. Who would have thought?
Favorite Moment: 

il universo

Sono il fantasma di Galileo. Quasi ho fatto la mia richiedere vita da me quando ho confutato il " fact" che il sole si mosso. Ancora doesn' t nello schema delle cose, malgrado il vostro errore nella risposta al puzzler no. 1113.
Favorite Moment: 

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