#1042: Fire Sale!

Oct 16, 2010
This week on Car Talk, Cathy in New Jersey watches a $1,600 dream go up in flames--literally. Her husband's 2000 Chrysler was going to be the centerpiece of their yard sale, until it caught on fire during a test drive. So, what's the blue book value on a charred LHS? Meanwhile, probation officer Rosemary is having a difficult time tracking down her clients, and thinks the symphony of noises emanating from her Accord is tipping them off, so they can give her the slip. Also, if you're out in Bobcat Mountain, Colorado, and find a Subaru shouting obscenities at you, odds are it belongs to Mitch. But, it's not his fault-- blame it on the "redneck horn" his cousin stashed in his car. All this, plus a new Puzzler from the Back to School series, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray speculate on the causes of a 9-day traffic jam in China.

This Week's Puzzler

From Ray's Back to School Puzzler Series. What's so interesting about the letters he spotted in the story in USA Today?

Last Week's Puzzler

Doug has a house painting job 20 miles from home. On the way to work, he hears an awful howling noise. It disappears for the next 10 days and then mysteriously returns. What was causing the noise?

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Favorite Moment: 

Love those SAABS

This reminded me of the fall of 1973. I had just graduated from University and was all packed and ready to head off to my first real job, and leave childhood behind. To celebrate, I decided to go for one last drive through the back roads of North Dakota's Turtle Mountains. In those days they were gravel, empty and hugged the terrain. If you drove fast enough you could get the thrill of the roller coaster without the price of admission. At one point in my drive, I was enjoying the elevator-like, stomach-dropping thrill of a series of short but steep hillocks. Then, on about the third crest, I saw this huge sow at the base of the hill. She had just about enough time to look up when sow and SAAB became one. After the dust cleared, I got out of the car to check on the damage. The sow, which was about the size and shape of my car, got up, shook her head and wandered off into the woods. My car, however, did not fare so well. From the passenger side headlight to rear wheel well I had a sow sized crater in the side of my new "real job" transportation. Later, I ignominiously arrived to start my "adult career" in my parents car.
Favorite Moment: 

How To Make The Show Better

I Have Listened To Your Show For Many Years Now, Thanks To My Dad, And I Just Thought It Would Be Cool To Have You Guys And The Top Gear (Show On BBC America) Guys Do A Show Together.
Favorite Moment: 
I Loved The Answer To Last Weeks Puzzler, I Actualy Wouldn't Have Thought About The Ladder Making The Noise. It's One Of The Few I Missed.

Seprated tread, Really!

#1041 if memory serves me correctly, ( mine is like yours, sometimes it is absent ), the 2000 chevy 4x4 truck with the gravel in the right front. 4x4 was the hint maybe ( CV JOINT ) I don't know can you say "joint" on public raido.
Favorite Moment: 
Watching you two on PBS, as you drove across the US on (Route 66), that was a great show. (BEEP), hint, hint, (BEEP)

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