#1034: He's Nothin' to Me

Aug 21, 2010
This week on Car Talk, Vern from Ohio stands accused of killing his wife's sister's husband's minivan by over filling it with oil. Is he guilty? More importantly, does it even matter, since technically the guy isn't related to him. In fact, he's nothing to Vern! Also, Nancy from Massachusetts has a nasty habit of turning into the Incredible Hulk while driving. Should her new Mini Cooper cower in fear? Plus, a close call at Car Talk Plaza provides another example of why it's good to goof off from work; a Ford Focus seemingly moves itself across a parking lot; and some much needed marital advice for Tommy... for the next time he says his wife looks like a truck! All this and lots more on this week's classic edition of Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

The sky is falling! A close call at Car Talk Plaza.

This Week's Puzzler

Tony was about to be fired for being late for work yet again. This time he told his boss he had a flat tire, which a local shop repaired. After looking at the car, how does the boss know if Tony is telling the truth?

Last Week's Puzzler

In the early 1930's a young inventor came up with an idea for a little gadget which could be installed in an automobile. Even though people were afraid it would be distracting to drivers, the gadget sold out within minutes. What was the gadget?

As Read on Car Talk


Words of wisdom

I wanted my daughters, both in their 20's to hear about checking the oil. And I don't want them to think that the oil light means its time to add oil. There was so much to learn from his experience.
Favorite Moment: 
When the caller said his wife told him it was out of oil, and it needed 5 quarts. So he added 5 quarts. Of course, "he means nothing to me!" statement was great!

Foam can result from overfilling the crankcase.

I always thought that overfilling oil causes foam. Therefore foam causes oil pressure loss.
Favorite Moment: 

Um...what song was that?

OK. Air Supply makes me mad when I am in grocery stores and they play it. Journey makes me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. But that first song you played on your show I think tops them all. If that song was in form of a house, I would be Chuck Norris and Rocket launch a rocket into it and blow it up. It was worse than trying to replace a clutch in a front wheel drive 1987 nissan! Stop the pain! Screen your music! Monday's are hard enough! Take their instruments away! If I was a concrete ceiling I would fall on all of their instruments and block the door so they could never get back in.
Favorite Moment: 
Any moment that wasn't in that terrible moment of a song.


As always, the humor is great and the advise is, well, hmmm, Yup, that too:)
Favorite Moment: 
you're an animal!

The need for Oil Pressure Gauges

This Week's show has reminded me that Idiot lights aren't always reliable, and that automakers need to install Oil Pressure Gauges in modern cars.
Favorite Moment: 
the last caller ripping the shifter mechanism out of two of her previous cars.

nuttin to me

You guys missed something on the oil pressure thing, when you overfill oil it can creat a foaming anf will drop oil pressure. It also adds to the heat so you can be right in that part but the oil pressure would be O.K. without the overfill. Harry
Favorite Moment: 
nuthing to me

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