#1026: A Few Cowardly Men

Jun 26, 2010
This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray triage a burgeoning epidemic of men behaving badly. First up is the fiance of Kate from Michigan. When her horn wouldn't stop blaring, he handled the situation by slinking down in the passenger seat so nobody would see him! Meanwhile, here in Massachusetts, Marc was so grossed out by the hair-like strands coming out his tailpipe that he made his wife do the hands-on investigation. Down in Tennessese, Jim's son "borrowed" Dad's LeBaron for a late-night date, and cooked the transmission. But, those guys are kings compared to Dave, the husband of Jennifer in Colorado. Not only did he scratch her car and not 'fess up when he was presented with the evidence, he told Jennifer it was her fault! All this, plus further evidence that our Producer Dougie Berman is a bad influence, a wordy finale to the Puzzler season and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

Show Open Topic

Is our Producer, Doug "The Subway Fugitive" Berman, a bad influence on the next generation?

This Week's Puzzler

What's so very interesting about the paragraph Ray read? See if you can figure it out.

Last Week's Puzzler

What did Jethro know that enabled him to tell when a driver had pulled up to the pump with the fuel door facing the wrong way? Find out.

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