#1001: An Explosive Trip Down I-95

Jan 02, 2010
This week on Car Talk, Judith's trip home for the holidays got a little more interesting when the transfer case in her Mazda exploded, sending flames into the car, and melting her brake pedal. Happily, Judith escaped injury, but she's calling in the Car Talk forensics team to try to figure out what happened. Meanwhile down in Alabama, June is using her Jeep to off-road--over the speed bumps in the parking lot at work. Is she doing more damage to the car, or her teeth? Also, on Stump the Chumps, we find out if Victoria went car shopping for her three sons, and career shopping for herself. All this, a puzzler from the high-speed chase series, and lots more on this week's encore edition.

Show Open Topic

Ready for a little Road Rage Spray?

This Week's Puzzler

How could Ned tell that the yellow convertible they were chasing was the wrong car?

Last Week's Puzzler

Can you use 16 matchsticks to remake an equation using Roman numerals to equal 4?


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Avocado's Number

I'm sure I'm only e-pluribus-unum (one out of many) to call you on this, but Avogadro's Number is 6.02 x ten to the 23rd, not 1.02. How many times did you take chemistry at MIT?
Favorite Moment: 
Tommy giving his brother hell about the1987 Toyota Corolla brake diagnosis. I particukarly like his phrase"Get this...". OTs along time since I heard anyone use "Get this". His pate of the day story was also good.

You can do better

Boy, did you guys ever let Judith down! The most important question you didn't ask her is, "Who has been doing your oil changes?", with the follow-up, "Do they claim they check the fluid level in the transmission and transfer case?" My experience is that the "Speedy Lube" guys claim they check transmission fluid levels, but they haven't a clue as to how to check a manual transmission, much less a transfer case. On the assumption she uses a “Speedy Lube” establishment she should have been encouraged to call the shop, tell them that, funny thing, her transfer case went dry and exploded, and demand satisfaction, i.e. cash
Favorite Moment: 
"You wasted another hour ..."

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