#0701: Paging Rod Serling: A Return to Waccabuc

Jan 06, 2007
This week on Car Talk, we return to Waccabuc, the site of an extravehicular experience. Our listeners offer explanations both sensible and bonkers, to help explain the flash and boom that terrified Sally, and baffled Tom and Ray. Then it’s off to Idaho, where Jennifer’s mechanic left an odoriferous memento. Did he mess up, or has he just started wearing Eau du Octane? Meanwhile, Scott faces the eternal conundrum: whether to pay for a brake job, or start budgeting for a funeral? Anthony needs a spittoon for his F-150’s spark plugs, and Roy’s looking for the expiration date on his chainsaw gas. Finally, Libby's a single mom, and with the kid in college, she's ready to hit the open road. What vehicle can she buy that's also evening housing? Tom and Ray toss a few $10,000 suggestions her way - and remind her to send us some postcards.

Show Open Topic

We revisit Sally from Waccabuc, NY and the strange flash, crackle, boom she experienced while driving under some power lines. Our listeners weigh in with their crack-pot theories as to what really went on.

This Week's Puzzler

What car part can be found on a Romanian car that still uses British measurements?


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