Will Shortz's Automotive Word Play

Apr 14, 2001

RAY: We're going to use a Puzzler this week that was just given to us by Will Shortz. Take the name of a current make of car -- you know, like a Dodge, a Buick, a Ford, or a Hyundai. Add a letter to it, scramble the letters, and come up with another make of car -- like, say, Saturn.

Now, we should point out that we don't have the answer yet. Will may have lied to us. Or, maybe there is no answer -- in which case we'll have to beat him up.


RAY: Anyway, we racked our brains for hours ...

TOM: We did. Yeah.

RAY: And, of course, we didn't come up with the answer, so fortunately we had Will do it, and he has assured us that this is the one and only answer: Isuzu.

TOM: Isuzu.

RAY: I'll repeat. Isuzu, spelled ...

TOM: It only works with Isuzu.

RAY: I-S-U-Z-U. You add a K to that and you get Suzuki.

TOM: After unscrambling.

RAY: After unscrambling.

TOM: You don't have to do a lot of unscrambling either.

RAY: No. In fact, this is so easy that we should have gotten it.

TOM: Isuzu, su, zu, if you just take the I, stick it on the end, and put a K just before it, you've got Suzuki.

RAY: Yeah. Why didn't you get it then?

TOM: Well, I did! I have to get a lot of hints though.

RAY: Yeah, like it was Japanese, obscure, and starts with an I. Anyway, who is our winner this week?

TOM: Oh, the winner is James Napoli. We shouldn't show such nepotism by always giving the prize to an Italian. People are going to start catching on to this. The winner is James Napoli from Los Angeles, California.

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