What a Deal!

Jun 27, 1998

RAY: We're back. You're listening to CarTalk with us, Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, and we're here to discuss cars, car repair, and the --

TOM: And the --

RAY: The new puzzler. Now, I did with reservation say that this was a not a new puzzler, because it may be new to most of our listeners who are what, new listeners.

TOM: That's all of them.

RAY: Because we don't have any old listeners really.

TOM: All right.

RAY: All right. Here it is. A man goes into a hardware store to purchase something for his house. He asks the clerk how much is one? The guy says 60 cents. He says OK. How 'bout 12? A dollar twenty. He says OK, I'll take 200. The guy says that will be a dollar eighty. What was he buying? Very simple, right?

TOM: Wow.


RAY: Well, he's getting a quantity discount.

TOM: You talk about quantity discounts. That's a quantity discount.

RAY: Pretty good, huh. We could have gotten 900 for a $1.80. Or 999.

TOM: But not a thousand.

RAY: But not a thousand. That's right. So what he was buying was house numbers. And who's our winner this week, Tommy?

TOM: Wow, that's a good one. I mean there are millions of high school and grammar school students at this moment saying how come I didn't get that. Or they're saying those guys are jerks. And the winner, and one of the people who said we were jerks, is Dianne Weaver from Houston, Texas.

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