A Very Intriguing Transaction

Aug 09, 2010

RAY: This week's puzzler was sent in by a fellow named Peter Brigham. Of course, I had to embellish, obfuscate and unclarify it -- not to mention add the necessary folkloric and historic elements. Here it is:

A young fellow goes into a convenience store to buy a couple of things. He buys a package of razor blades, shaving cream, a bottle of cheap aftershave lotion and a candy bar. The clerk rings up his total and it comes out to $13.59.

The fellow opens his wallet. He's got a buck. He says, "Oh man...oh, wait a minute. I have an emergency $50 tucked in my wallet." He takes it out. He hands the fellow the fifty-dollar bill. The cashier gives him his change, and as he does so, the cashier says," That's interesting!"

The customer says, "Geez, it is!"

So, what's so darn interesting?
RAY: What was interesting was the change. He got a $20, a $10, a $5, a $1, a quarter, a dime, a nickel and a penny. There are eight cash trays in the register. He gets money from each tray.

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