TEST: The Reluctant Camry

Aug 20, 2011


RAY: Amanda buys a nice used Toyota Camry and adds a glue-on digital clock, new floor mats, and fuzzy dice. The next day, the engine won’t crank. After several attempts, the car finally starts. This pattern repeats—sometimes the car starts right up, and sometimes it takes several tries.

Desperate, Amanda goes to a dealership. Going against years of rigorous training, the dealer fixes the problem without charging her. They tell her it was caused by something she bought after she got the car. What was it?




TEST: Here's the answer:  The word is Posh. It stood for “port out, starboard home.” On the way to India, the hot afternoon sun is on the right—or starboard—side of the ship as you sail down the west coast of Africa. On the way back, it’s on the port side, and a traveler desiring to avoid that hot sun wanted a room on the opposite side of the vessel.

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