The Teacher's Message

Feb 16, 2013

RAY:  When I was in school, our teacher had the habit of putting little cryptic messages on the blackboard. And one day--it was near the end of the school year--she wrote the following thing on the board: E I L N P U.

TOM:  Huh?

RAY:  And the only hint I'll give is that it was near the end of the school year. So the question is, what is the message, decoded?

RAY: Here's the answer. At the end of the school year, some kind of graduation photographs are taken, and so that they can figure out whose picture goes with what name, they ask the kids to line up in alphabetical order.

That's the meaning of E-I-L-N-P. Do we have a winner?

TOM: We do! The winner is James Dawson from Crane, Texas. Congratulations, James!

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