The Stupid Puzzler was No Laughing Matter

Aug 12, 2017

RAY: Here's a list of words. What do they have in common?

"Deft," as in he made a deft move. "First," he came in first. "Calmness," he was overcome by calmness. "Canopy," a canopy covered the boat so he wouldn't get wet. "Laughing," it was no laughing matter. "Stupid," needs no further explanation. "Crab cake," as in, "My brother made me crab cakes for dinner and I ate a bottle of antacid when I got home." And "hijack," I was hoping that our producer's flight would be hijacked to Bora Bora.

The question is, what do these words have in common?



RAY: Here's the answer. What all of these words (deft, first, calmness, canopy, laughing, stupid, crab cake, hijack) have in common is they all contain three consecutive letters of the alphabet.

TOM: Oh.

RAY: N-O-P in canopy. G-H-I in laughing. S-T-U in stupid. A-B-C in crab cake. Do we have a winner?


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