Of Streets and Surnames

Nov 02, 2021

We're gonna make it a two-part puzzle. Part A is: what is the most common street name in the United States?

By common, we mean "most used." So if you went to every single town, village, and hamlet or fair city in the United States and looked at all the street names and tallied up every street name that you found, number one on the list would be ___? And no it would not be Maple Street. So that's the first part.

Part B, we know that the most common surname is Smith. But what is the second most common?



You know what the most common street name is? This was surprising to me. "Park Street" is the most common street name. "Main Street", on this ranking of streets, is number 32. And that's shocking!

And the second most common name is street name is "Washington Street."

For the second part of our puzzler, the second most common surname is "Johnson". "Jones" is number 4!

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