The Silver Screen

Aug 25, 2018

RAY: Here’s a quasi-automotive puzzler.  In what famous movie were a Ferrari and a Renault both featured?

I might add these weren't just in passing scenes. I mean these were featured. Not just drive-ons. In almost every scene of the movie, one or the other was in it.




RAY: Both the Ferrari and a Renault were featured performers in a movie that we've all heard of, and most of us have seen. Some consider it the best movie of all time.

It was a war time movie, it took place in Africa. And the name of the movie is Casablanca.

The Renault and the Ferrari are not in fact cars. They are Louie Renault, who was the police captain of Casablanca, and the owner of the Blue Parrot, Monsieur Ferrari.


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