The Putrid Puzzler

Aug 17, 2002

RAY: This new puzzler is from my putrid collection.

TOM: Just like the coin puzzlers, and the string series puzzlers?

RAY: Yeah. There's a whole wing at Puzzler Tower, devoted to the putrid collection.

Car parts have changed composition over the years. For example, the wheels of cars used to be made with wooden spokes, and then they evolved into steel. Now, most wheels are made out of some kind of magnesium-aluminum alloy. Dashboards used to be made out of wood, and now they're made out of steel.

So, here's a "What am I?" I'm going to tell you what I used to be made out of -- and you're going to tell me what I am. Here it is:

"In the early days of cars, I didn't even exist. When they saw a need for me, I was first made out of wood. Later on, when they discovered that that didn't work too well, I was made out of leather. Some time later, I was made out of cotton. Today, I am made out of a mixture of things, some of which are steel wool, iron, and bronze"

What am I?

RAY: What all these things were, believe it or not, were brakes. The first cars did not have brakes. When they saw a need to stop the car, they actually used blocks of wood.

TOM: Yeah, that was like the first day. And it was right after the word oops!

RAY: You ain't kidding! So who's our winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Dave Knight from Norman, Oklahoma.

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