Perfect Words

Sep 03, 2016

RAY: This was sent in by Rick Thorne.

Here's a list of words. What do they have in common? And for extra credit, suggest another word or two or more that might be added to the list.


Here's a hint: The order of the words does not matter.


RAY: What each of these words has in common is that each has the number of letters that actually denotes its place on a list. For example, carbon has six letters and it is the sixth element in the periodic chart. Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system and has what? Four letters. Seventh is seven, seven letters. September, the ninth month, has what? Nine letters. Saturn, is six letters and is the sixth planet. And fifth is fifth. And I'll add one more. Boron is the fifth element in the periodic chart, and from that point on you're on your own. Pretty cute, eh? Who’s our winner?

TOM: Congratulations to Fred Goldrich from Trenton, Maine!

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