Peasant Shoe Uprising

Jul 19, 2010

RAY: During the 19th century, disgruntled French peasants would go into the fields of the landlords -- these are peasants that worked the fields and grew the crops -- and would trample said crops to show their discontent or disdain with the way they were being treated by these landlords. And they would trample the crops wearing their wooden peasant shoes.

TOM: Wow.

RAY: Out of this behavior, a new word was born, and, of course, has entered not just the French vocabulary, but the English vocabulary as well and is a very common word. A word that you could hear everyday.

TOM: I know the answer. Cabernet sauvignon.

RAY: Nice try. What is this word?
RAY: Here's the answer. And I'm sure a lot of people do know what the name for wooden shoe is, especially if you're a crossword puzzle fanatic. It's sabot.

TOM: Un sabot or un pair of sabots.

RAY: So, as the French are want to do, they add an A-G-E to make a word. If you look, a word that's often used when referring to our show - gar-bage. And they came up with the sabo-tage. Now there are a lot of rumors about the origin of this word. But I'm sticking with my story!

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