One for the Ages

Mar 06, 2021

RAY: A teacher named Ms. Jones asks her third-grade class if it's anyone's birthday that day and, to her surprise, even though there are 30-something kids in the class, no one raises their hand.

Ms. Jones then asks, "Well, is there anyone here who has a family member whose birthday it is today?"

And little Katie raises her hand and says, "As a matter of fact, today is my father's birthday, and it's also my grandfather's birthday."

The teacher says, "Oh really -- how interesting!"

Little Katie goes on to say, "And they're the same age."

The teacher says, "Oh, no, no, Katie, that can't be." But Katie insists that they’re the same age.

So the question is: Can it be and, if so, how? Now, if you start thinking about February 28th and all that, you're barking up the wrong tree.



RAY: They're the same age because her father and her grandfather are not related. Her father is an old geezer who married some young woman whose father is the same age as he is.

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