North by South Test

Nov 30, 2002

RAY: While we were way up north this fall looking at the New England foliage, we visited our Chief Web Lackey, Doug Mayer. He said, "There's a road right near my house that runs directly north and south."

I said, "Yeah? Show me."

And Mayer says, "I can put my car on this road and point it north, and drive for a mile and when I'm done, I'm a mile south of where I started."

The question is very simple: How's he doing it?


TOM: If you didn't get the answer when you first heard it...

RAY: You know what's going to throw some people because they're thinking about polar bears and if you were in the North Pole you could go anyplace and you'd be south of where you were.

TOM: Exactly.

RAY: But we know nobody lives at the North Pole.

TOM: Right.

RAY: Especially Doug Mayer. So you've got to get that out of your mind.

TOM: If the rentals were cheap, he would live in the North Pole.

RAY: And how does he do it? He puts it in reverse and drives back.

TOM: Oh man, that is bogus. I mean you call that a puzzler.

RAY: I'm sure a lot of people didn't get it. Our engineer, Ted Currier didn't get it last week.

TOM: No, he never gets anything.

RAY: Well, he knows which buttons to push.

TOM: No, ooh, not really.

RAY: And he's hanging his head shamelessly. Anyway, who's our winner?

TOM: The winner is Kathryn Chobe from of all places, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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