Math Before Breakfast

Jul 23, 2016

RAY: I was at a restaurant the other day, and there was a sign that said, "All of our omelets are made with three eggs." When I looked at the menu, the first three omelets were cheese omelets: 7-dollars-45-cents; Bacon omelet: 7-dollars-70-cents.

Bacon and cheese omelet: 8-dollars-45-cents.

The question is: what does a plain omelet cost? (Just eggs, no bacon, no cheese).

RAY: If the cheese omelet is $7.45, and the bacon and cheese omelet is $8.45, then the bacon must cost a dollar. So if the bacon omelet is $7.70 and we know that the bacon costs a dollar, then subtract $1 and you get $6.70 for an egg omelet. Do we have a winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Carola Ratzlaff, from Moundridge, Kansas. Congratulations!


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