MAP Sensor Mystery

Jun 20, 2015

RAY: A few months ago, we needed a part called a MAP sensor for a customer's Toyota Celica. It's a fairly expensive part, so I wanted to check with the customer before ordering one. I called him five or six times, and there was no answer. I realized he had probably given me his home number, and he was at work.

Finally, late in the day he calls and asks, "Is my car done?" I say, "No, it's not done." I explained that he needs this expensive part. And he tells me to go ahead and order it.

I call the dealer. The phone rings and rings and rings, and I look and I notice it's 5:01 pm. All the dealerships are closed! After five minutes of moaning and groaning, I had an inspiration. And the next morning, I had my part.

How did I do it?

RAY: I made a call to my good pals at Toyota of Palo Alto. There, it was 2:06. And I said, “You guys have a MAP sensor? They said “No, but the warehouse does, we'll UPS it to you.” So who's our winner?
TOM: The winner is Kathleen Sullivan from La Plata, Maryland. Congratulations!

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