Maine Murder Mystery

May 09, 2015

RAY: A woman and her husband spent a week vacationing in Maine last summer, where they rented a small cabin, not too far from town and some well-known tourist attractions. About two months after they had returned home, the woman called the police department in that small town and reported a body - yes, a human body lying face down in the brush behind the very cabin they had rented.

The detective to whom she spoke said there had indeed been a murder, and only recently was the victim found in that exact spot. The detective was angry, though, and demanded to know why she had not called sooner.

He asked, "What, were you in a coma or something? Or maybe you were abducted by Martians?"

She said, "Oh no. It was nothing like that," and she explained her actions.

The detective said, "Oh, I see," and thanked her for her call.

What had she said?

I'll give a hint. The hint is "vacation."


RAY: There are probably lots of explanations, but I think there's only one real good one.

You go on vacation, you come back and about two months later you send your photos off to be developed. 

She got the pictures back, and she had taken a picture of her husband behind the cabin... naked, probably.

Of course when you're taking the picture, you're focused on the first subject. But, the camera is focused on everything. And there behind the cabin in the brush is this --

TOM: Dead body!

I think it's pretty good, except for the fact that she had a digital camera. But, then again, we have a digital camera. And we haven't looked at the pictures for more than two months.

RAY: Do we have a winner?

TOM: The winner is Don Helfer from Corvallis, Oregon.

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