Magnifying Glass Mystery

Jun 20, 2020

RAY: This is from Malcolm Ross McDonald. To start this Puzzler, first get a sheet of plain white paper with no lines on it. Using a fountain pen with black ink, I'm going to write my signature on the paper -- anyplace on the paper. I'm also going to write something else on the paper which will be plainly visible.

When I look at my signature through the magnifying glass that I have, I'm not surprised to find out that it's enlarged. But when I look at the other thing, it isn't. The question is: What is the other thing?



RAY: I didn't write words or letters. By your definition, would drawing something be equivalent to writing?

What I drew was an angle. I drew two lines. So, for example, if I drew a thirty-six degree angle, the angle would not be enlarged.

That’s bogus. Because you have to draw the two lines that made the angle.

And those lines were bigger! But the angle didn’t get bigger. 


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