Logo Adventures

Aug 08, 1998

RAY: I was in the jungles of South America recently, and found myself in the position of having to remove a poison dart from a plant that had lodged in my finger. I had my Swiss Army knife and was doing a bit of surgery. I noticed in the process that the knife had on it the symbol of the Swiss flag, a white cross against a red background. As I looked at it, I realized that a certain automotive logo comes from a stylized version of this emblem.

Here's the question: What logo comes from a stylized version of the emblem?


RAY: Here's the answer:

The symbol comes from the founders of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, brothers Louis and Gaston Chevrolet. They were, of course, Swiss, and loved the Swiss flag. They wanted to use it to represent their company. Their logo leaned the horizontal portion of the cross to the right a few degrees and stretched it out in making the logo still in use today.

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