The Judges of Sleaze

Apr 09, 2022

This is the part of the program we usually give the answer to the puzzler. And I have a couple actually. 

Well, I got some here. They're not winners. I'll tell you that right now.

Several weeks ago we received a letter which my brother lost. What it had on it was a list of multitudes or collective nouns.

A gaggle of geese. A rafter of turkeys. An exultation of larks...

I started a contest that uses these in relation to some of the sleazier occupations that we've mentioned on the show from time to time.

Are we the judges of sleaze? We are the ultimate judges of sleazy. It's lawyers, judges, people who drive salt trucks, automobile mechanics, used car salesmen, new car salesmen, maybe. Financial Analysts. Stockbrokers. Anyone who doesn't really produce anything worthwhile, and makes a living at it. 

From these, we would choose a winner. A multitude of winners. Most of the puzzles we have, we don't really have to spend much time on because we just take a whole pile of them, we tell producers what the right answer is. They put all the right answers in a big box. And they come out with one and that's the winner. But now, we have to read all the answers. Yes, because this is a matter of quality here.

So over the next several weeks, not only are we going to pick the best of quality and quantity, but we're also going to pick the worst.

Here are a few. 
A corral of Mustangs. A squad of Isuzu troopers. A quantum of pulsars. I like this one, a universe of galaxies. A refraction of geo prisms.

These are all quite cute but they do not attack the basic issue here. Which is the sleazy. 

The one that I liked the best. A huevos of rancheros. That's good. These are all from listener Lee in his whole brood of people.

Anyway, if you want to participate in this endeavor, and it certainly isn't a real puzzle contest. It isn't a puzzler, certainly.



This is the part where I usually give the puzzle answer. But if you been following last week or the week before for that matter, you would  know that we are conducting a contest.
No, not a content, an endeavor. It's not a Puzzler, it is a search. It is a hunt for creative collective nouns.

A search and an endeavor. A hunt for collective nouns. I don't want to call them collective nouns. They should be called nouns of assembly. I know, if it's animals of some kind, they're called nouns of venery. Like lawyers, judges. Okay, so we'll call it venery. But I like nouns of assembly.

I like multitudes too. Multitudes is good. Anyway, I have a whole stack of them. 

Just to get you interested in participating because we're going to read a few of the good ones. Here they are.

A Rigor of Morticians. I like this one, a Stroke of Geniuses. Isn't that good?

But these were supposed to be sleazy.

We got all these wonderful ones! These are excellent. A Stroke of Geniuses. I love it.
A Plank of Carpenters. A Floss of Dentists. A Pearl of Knitters. A Graft of Politicians. A Slick of Oil Company Executives.

A Drivel of Car Talk Hosts! A Storage of Batteries. A Brotherhood of Car Talk Hosts. Now that's good. 

There are some great ones there. My all time favorite of what I just read was a Stroke of Geniuses. 

But we would like people to concentrate their efforts on some of our favorite people. Lawyers, politicians, judges, automobile mechanics. All the sleaze balls of the world. That's what we want nouns of assembly for. 

A great one came in from listener Christopher Brown this past week. 

Berman will love this suggestion.

A Plethora of Producers, because more than one is too many! Brilliant.

A few good ones, from a reader who didn't leave their name. An Objection of Lawyers. A Web of Hackers. A Pity of NY Jets Fans. 

Well done!


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