Jerry and the Quizzical Water Pump Repair

Dec 26, 2005

RAY: This puzzler is automotive in nature. The other day, I had to go to my buddy Pete's repair shop early in the morning. I was returning a tool...

TOM: ... that you had borrowed two years ago.

RAY: Something like that. Anyway, I was there fairly early in the morning, and it wasn't very busy in his shop. In fact, there were only two vehicles there. One was on the lift, obviously getting an oil change. The other was parked in the bay next to the lift, and it had two flat tires in the front. Both tires in the front were flat. I said to Pete, "Huh? What happened to that thing? Did it fall off the tow truck when it came in?"

He said, "Oh, no, nothing like that. Jerry's replacing the water pump."

I said, "Oh, of course."

The question is, what the heck is going on here?

RAY: Jerry was replacing the water pump, and he was getting the vehicle lower so that he could reach it. In fact, it was an F-350 pickup truck, and it was either that... or hoist him up by the seat of his pants and dangle him over the hood to reach it!

TOM: So he just let the air out of the tires.

RAY: Exactly. It was like a kneeling car. So who's our winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Tracy Watkins from Kailua, Hawaii, and for having her answer selected at random, among all the correct answers that we got, Tracy is going to get a 26-dollar gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at, with which, she can get our new long sleeved women's T-shirt.

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