A Haircut in Horsetown

Dec 12, 2020

RAY: A fellow's driving across the desert from Salt Lake City to Reno, Nevada. He happens to look in the rearview mirror, and says, "Yikes!" He realizes he's in urgent need of a haircut. So, he gets off at Exit 321, which is between Winnemucca and Elko.

He finds himself in beautiful downtown Horsetown, Nevada. Where there are, of course, two barbershops.

He strolls past barbershop number one and looks in the window. There are no customers in the shop. It's kind of messy. Even the barber looks kind of messy. He's unshaven, he's got a rumpled shirt on, there's hair on the floor, and his haircut is lousy.

The guy thinks, "Maybe I should check out the other joint." So, he moseys along and arrives at barbershop number two and looks in that window. It looks terrific. It's nice and clean. The mirrors are clean and shiny, there's no hair on the floor. The barber looks neat and well-groomed. He's got a good haircut.

The question is, which barbershop does he select for his haircut?



RAY: Why does he go to the first barbershop, the one that was messy, and disgusting, where the barber had a lousy haircut? He goes there because it's clear that each barber gives the other one his haircut. So the guy that has the great haircut is getting it from the slob.

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