Eavesdropping Enigma

Oct 20, 2018

RAY: A girl and her mother are out shopping. They overhear a conversation between a customer and a salesperson in the next aisle.

The customer asks, "How much does one cost?"

The salesperson answers, "One costs 99 cents."

"OK, how about 12?"

"Oh, that'll be $1.98."

"Okay, in that case, I'll take 128."

The cashier rings up the purchase, and it comes to $2.97.

Here's the question: what kind of store are they in, and what is this person buying?



RAY: They're in a hardware store or some such store.

TOM: And they live at 128 Blue View Terrace.

RAY: They're buying 128 for the cost of three things, because you're buying three things. You're buying number one, number two, and a number eight.


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