Digital Watch Dilemma

Jul 14, 2018

RAY: This is from a guy named Melvin Anderson, and he writes about himself in the third person.

"Melvin had been briefing the boss at a staff meeting since he arrived at the office, too busy, in fact, even for a cup of coffee. Worse than that, he'd skipped breakfast that morning because he got up late, got dressed in a hurry and sped off to the office in his '65 Mustang convertible. The top was up, of course, because it was cold. It was January. No wonder he felt hunger pangs since he got to work.

"When he finally finished his busy meeting, he glanced at his brand-new digital wristwatch, which he got for Christmas. Yikes! No wonder I'm hungry. It's 12:01, lunch time. Melvin hurriedly donned his coat, hat and gloves and raced out the rear entrance of the building heading for the lunch counter across the street. He darted between traffic lanes and parked cars and almost fell into the doorway of the lunch counter. The door was locked. A sign hung inside the door, 'CLOSED, We Open at 11:00 A.M.'

"He rechecked his watch, which was working just fine, and realized why the lunch counter was closed." What did Melvin discover?



RAY: Turns out he put his watch on upside down. So when it read 12:01, and he dashed out of the building it was really 10:21.


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