Cop Stop Conundrum

Jun 09, 2012

RAY: The inspiration for this puzzler came from Jeff Jacovelli from Cyberspace, Montana.

A fellow is driving his car and gets pulled over by a cop. The cop says, "I happened to notice as you were driving by that your inspection sticker expired six months ago. I'm going to have to give you a ticket."

The fellow replies, "You're not going to believe this, but this is the first time that the car has been driven in seven months. You see, I was let go from my last job and while the security people were escorting me from the building I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my hip. I've had a pretty rough go of it, what with the surgery, the steel pins and the rehab. I've been home all these months. I haven't gotten the inspection sticker because it expired while I was convalescing.

"Just yesterday I got a job offer, and I'm heading for an interview tomorrow. But I figured I better go get my inspection sticker because I knew it had expired."

The cop seems to be buying this whole story. He says, "I do feel pretty bad for you. That's a sad story, and I hope you get the job. But I'm going to have to see your driver's license to make sure that that hasn't expired."

The fellow opens the door to the car, undoes the seatbelt, gets out and reaches for his wallet to get his driver's license.

The cop says, "I'll definitely need to see that license because I'm writing you a ticket."

The car had been driven during the period of time that the fellow said it hadn't been driven.

What did the cop see?

RAY: Here's the answer. What the cop saw as soon as the fellow opened the door, was the little sticker that gas stations often affix to either the door or the door pillar that says, your next oil change is due in three months, and they put the date on it. And it gave him away.

TOM: Because it was three months ago.

RAY: Yeah, he'd had an oil change three months ago and if this is the first time he's driven the car, he's in deep trouble. Who's our winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Linda Quary from Roanoke, Virginia. Congratulations, Linda!

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