Company Emblem

Sep 20, 1996

RAY: What is the largest display of a company emblem to have been displayed regularly on a productions passenger vehicle?

TOM: It has to be actually on the car, not on the building. Like the Chrysler Building.

RAY: This is not painted on. This is the chrome thing. Like "Rambler' would be stuck across the fender of the car. "Oldsmobile" across the back. Right?

Kind of historic, folkloric, interesting, unimportant.


TOM: Speaking of Chevrolet, that little stylized map of Switzerland there..hmmm...thats not big enough is it?

RAY: This is Big, man!

TOM: Big.

RAY: Yeah, big! Like (sung) "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie..."

TOM: Pizza pie! Was it round?

RAY: Round and the size of a pizza pie.

TOM: I give up.

RAY: The Volkswagen emblem on the microbus.

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