The Collective Endeavor

Apr 05, 2022

It's time for a new puzzler. If you'd like to repeat my brother's favorite not-so-silent prayer, we can take a minute for that now. "Please let it be better than please let it be better than the last one!"

Moving on! We received a letter a few weeks or months or years ago, I can't remember, which, which my brother promptly lost. And it had in it a bunch of what I call multitudes or collective nouns.

You are probably familiar with many of these. A gaggle of geese, a host of angels, etc.

Anyway, we would like to initiate a contest, to come up with some of these that are related to some of the sleazier occupations that we've mentioned on the show like automobile mechanics, talk show hosts, lawyers, judges, people who drive salt trucks.

And we thought that this might be a puzzle that we could milk--I mean we could use--for a few weeks, months, years, whatever. And we would invite you to submit.

Here are the rules now. We want clever, clever, like, like a shortage of jockeys. A compact of bimbos, a lot of car salesman, a shrug of mechanics!

And do we want quality or quantity? Both.

The decision of the judges will be final. They may be stupid but  they will be final

And we may develop multiple categories, for example, best, worst, and most!

Well, anyway, if you would like to participate in this endeavor, I can only say certainly not a puzzle, but like a puzzle. It's a sort of contest. We'll just call it a collective endeavor.


Last week, we initiated this call to action. We're asking people to send in collective nouns? I mentioned a few, a gaggle of geese, a rafter of turkeys...

A rafter of roofs, exaltation of larks, a shrug of mechanics, a sleaze of lawyers.

You send in collective nouns about sleazy people like automobile mechanics, salespeople, lawyers, judges, automobile mechanic. Anyone that you believe has sleazed you, or been sleazy.

And we want to know, what would a collection of those people be called? All of these have to be written on the back of a $20 bill, of course. Yes, indeed. We will pick the best and the worst. The decision of the judges is pending. We don't know.


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