Chemistry Test

Sep 04, 2021

RAY:  I shamelessly stole this from Joseph Rayle from Durham, North Carolina. 

Two undergraduate chemistry students at a major university had a highly successful semester in an introductory chemistry class. So their confidence is high, so high in fact that they decide to blow off their reading period, and they go to a fraternity party in a town quite a distance away and they have a pretty good time. So good in fact that they don't make it back in time for their final exam. 

In a panic, however, they devise a plan. They agreed to tell the professor that they had a flat tire and this prevented their returning in time to take the exam. They pleaded with him, "Let us take the exam, please, this could ruin us, we promise nothing like this will ever happen again." The professor agrees and tells them to return the next morning. The two return the following morning, and the professor gives them their exam but decides he isn't going to hang around. He has them leave their books and backpacks in the office and sends them to different rooms to take their exams. The test consists of one five-point question - some molarity problem - and each, smiling confidently, answers the question. Then they turn the page, and the next question is a ninety-five-point question.

And our question is: What is the question?



RAY: The second question, worth 95 points on the exam, was: “Which tire was flat?”


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