The Case of the Missing Law Book

Jul 04, 2020

RAY: This puzzler is from the wonderful world of law. It came in very recently from a fellow named Doug Whiting. I think it's a feather in his cap that this should be the last puzzler of the puzzler season.

This is what Doug wrote:

"I went to my attorney's office the other day and was seated in the conference room. While I was sitting there, I was looking around the conference room at the impressive collection of law books."

I think they put you in there so you are impressed with all the knowledge your attorney has, so you don't get too upset when you get that bill for $485 an hour. Did I tell you, I might be adding a little to his description?

So, Doug continues, "Though most of the law books contained dozens of volumes and were indexed with very specific descriptions, one set of law books consisted of just two volumes. The first book was 'A through M,' like 'Aardvark through Moron'. The second was 'N through W,' like 'Ninny through Wombat.'

"At first, I wondered what happened to the last volume, 'X, Y, and Z.' Maybe it was being used to research a case and was the only book missing from the shelf. But, then I figured out there was no missing volume. These two books were it. And the question is, why was there no 'X, Y, and Z'?"



RAY: All I have to mention is one of the volumes contained Wyoming. They were state law books and there are no states that begin with the letters X, Y, or Z.


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