Case of Chicken Soup

Mar 25, 2000

RAY: A few weeks ago, Tommy calls me up and tell me that our sister Lucille is sick. He says, "I'll make her some chicken soup if you will deliver it to her." So, after work, I show up at Tommy's house.

When I get there, Tommy's pouring chicken soup into a plastic container and mumbling that he can't find the right cover for it.

We try one, and it pops off. We put another cover on. It pops off. I tried to put tape on the cover, and the tape won't stick to the plastic.

So, I very carefully carry the chicken soup out to my Dodge Colt Vista...

TOM: Is this the automotive part of the puzzler?

RAY: You bet. I put the soup on the floor. With great trepidation, I pull away from the curb.

I realize as I'm driving that my house is between Tommy's house and Lucille's house, and I should stop off at home, see the wife and kids and the hounds, and maybe have supper.

So, I stop at home. I have supper. I sit in front of the TV, and I fall asleep watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Hours later, I wake up —

TOM: Remembering that our sister is probably clawing at the front door, looking for the chicken soup.

RAY: Right. And I go back to sleep. I wake up again at 1:30. I hurriedly grab a few old National Geographic magazines and some fruit that we were going to throw away. I jump in the car and drive to her house, which is several miles from my house—never once concerned that I'm going to spill the soup. And, in fact, I don't spill a drop of it.

TOM: But, you were concerned when you left my house.

RAY: Right, but why wasn't I concerned this time?


RAY: How did I manage not to spill a drop of soup? And I failed to give a hint. I mean, the hint should have been that I don't think anyone, any of our listeners living in Florida --

TOM: Would have gotten this one right.

RAY: -- would have gotten this right.

TOM: Right.

RAY: Right?

TOM: Did the National Geographics have anything to do with it?

RAY: The National Geographics and the rotten fruit had nothing --

TOM: Nothing to do with it.

RAY: -- to do with it probably

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: When I went into the house, I left the soup in the car.

TOM: Of course.

RAY: And in the hours that it took to eat supper, fall asleep watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, gather up the magazines and the like, the soup, which was in the cold Vista, froze.

TOM: Of course. Man, it was so cold that night.

RAY: It froze. It was about four degrees, and the soup froze solid, and of course, it didn't spill --

TOM: No.

RAY: -- because it couldn't. And who's our winner this week?

TOM: Wow! The winner is Amy Moore from Powell, Vermont.

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