Cars with Something in Common

Sep 14, 2009

RAY: This puzzler came to us from Greg Olson. Here it is.

There are two guys sitting around, and one of them is looking at a piece of paper. He says, "Hah! This is interesting."

The other guy says, "What's interesting?"

And, the first guy says, "Well, this is a bunch of names of cars, past, present, and future, and there's something interesting about it. I'll read you some of them:

AMC Eagle
Ford Falcon
Dodge Charger
Ford Bronco
Plymouth Colt
And, my personal favorite...Daihatsu Rocky."

The other guy says, "So what?"

But, there is a big deal. What is it that's unique to the names of these cars?
RAY: I'll give you the answer this way. AMC Philadelphia Eagles, Ford Atlanta Falcons, Dodge San Diego Chargers. Each of these model names, Eagle, Falcon, Charger, Bronco, happens to be the singular of a name of a sports team. And, of course, the Daihatsu Colorado Rockies!

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