The Candy-Bar Solution

Jul 25, 2015

RAY: Many years ago, it was a bright and sunny day and Tommy was driving our dad's '51 Dodge. Suddenly he noticed steam coming out from under the hood. He pulled over and located a slit in one of the two heater hoses, about two inches long.

He carefully removed the radiator cap to relieve the pressure, and he was pleased to find that he'd lost very little coolant. He opened the trunk, confident that he would find tools there. To his surprise, the trunk was empty.

Ever the optimist, he began walking and found a corner store. He pulled out the only money he had -- a one-dollar bill -- and bought a five-cent candy bar. He returned to the car and was soon back on the road.

How did he fix the car?

RAY: It wasn’t the candy bar or the wrapper. It was the change that he got: three quarters and two dimes. He used one of the dimes as a screwdriver, with which he was able to remove three hose clamps: the two from the broken hose, and the one from the heater core end of the good hose. He ran that good hose back to the return on the engine block, thereby removing the heater entirely from the car, so water no longer circulated through it. Instead, it circulated just through one piece of hose that went out from the engine and then right back in, and he used the dime to loosen and then retighten the hose clamp.


So who's our winner?

TOM: Congratulations to William Aull from Cayce, South Carolina!


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