The Bride of Crusty

Jan 10, 2015

RAY: Long, long ago in a galaxy far away, our pal, Crusty, was driving to what was to be his wedding ceremony up in the wilds of Maine. He's driving along this lonely dirt road when he hits a rock. A big rock. It tears open his gas tank.

TOM: Oh!

RAY: Huge gash. He gets out of the car, runs to the back and says, "Oh Fudge!" And he realizes that the gasoline is pouring out at such a rate that he's never going to make it to the wedding and he knows that if he doesn't make it, she's not going to hang around because he's what? A loser. So, if he doesn't get there on time, he's done for.

TOM: She's going to have that extra two minutes to think about it and she's out of there.

RAY: Exactly. So, he opens the trunk to figure out some way to get himself out of this problem. He's got another transmission in there, a starter, a motor. A raccoon coat with the raccoon still in it. And there's nothing. His tool kit. And he sees the gas pouring out and he realizes that soon he's going to be done for.

He runs to the front of the car, throws open the hood and with a few tools in his hand, he yanks something out from under the hood. A few minutes later, he's driving away and makes it to the wedding on time. Now, he didn't yank out the fuel pump nor did he yank out the carburetor. Those are two hints, but he yanked out something. What was it?
RAY: He removes the windshield washer bottle, pours out the washer fluid -- glug, glug, glug. Fills up the washer bottle with gasoline. Puts the washer bottle back where he took it out from, hooks the hose from it not to the spritzers, but to the carburetor -- and he gets to his wedding by hitting the little button on the dashboard.

TOM: I like it. I like it!

RAY: So who is going to win our fabulous prize this week?

TOM: The winner this week is David Blumquist from Littleton, Colorado. Congratulations!

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